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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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2010. >> it was sent to more than 100,000 voters and suggested the election was over before the polls had closed. prosecutors say was intended to keep black voters at home. >> it was authorized by a top aide to bob ehrlich, who tried but failed to be martin o'malley for governor. a former aide paul schurick was convicted on charges related to the shooting earlier last year. >> that have been talking for 18 months. i think the jurors and the judge will find that the call was made -- it was not my decision to put a tag on the call. >> his lawyer says they are
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trying to make an example out of henson. >> don't tread on me, was the phrase on the flag, the old battle flag of the republic. don't tread on me. that seems to me to be exactly what is going on here. the fiscal adeline, but read are the big guys and gals. >> the state prosecutor was a judge to block his defense from point out that he is an o'malley appointee. >> we will the jurors to consider just the evidence in the case and not a lot of extraneous arguments. >> the judge said today he will allow the defense attorneys to set the stage on some of the political issues. jury selection is still going on and should be wrapping up shortly. one question prospective jurors was asked, do that have an
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opinion about dreadlocks? no one answered yes. with a player on the men's basketball team at the university of maryland is now facing charges of disorderly conduct. police said the charges stem from a fight inside a college park restaurant around 2:30 in the morning. investigators say holland was taunting some of the people involved. it was issued a citation and now awaits a court date. police continue to look for a pair of suspects outside an annapolis boat slot job of the weekend. investigators arrived on the scene a little after 1:00 on monday morning after a private party was broken up inside the lodge. police only have a vague descriptions of the two suspects. anyone with information is urged to contact anne arundel county police. >> concerns about the safety of
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the hiking trail in hyattsville, after reports of five and salt sexual assaults. capital police are urging anyone who uses the drill to use extra caution. the latest attacks took place on merkel 20 around 5:00 p.m. a victim said she was walking along the trail and was forced into the woods by a man with a gun. the man is described as 5 foot 7 inches tall with a mustache. police say the discrimination -- the description is similar to attacks that happen beginning in january. >> there are said to be signs of congress on a special session to deal with the state budget. no court has been reached, keeping public pressure on the issue. there are calls of a tax increase to stave off a large budget cuts. >> house speaker michael but
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short -- michael bush met with his budget team on friday. they support the version of the budget agreed to by negotiators on the last session. there is no word whether they have reached out to senate president mike miller, who supports a different package. this is the scenario labor union. a growing number of clergy if the so-called doomsday budget goes into effect. >> we stand here today representing faith leaders throughout the state of maryland, who demanded direct destruction of the doomsday budget before it destroys the state of maryland. >> fayed community leaders are the latest to urge a special session. they support increasing taxes on cigarettes by 70%.
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>> health-care issues, education issues, issues of public security. all of those things are of great concern for us. >> jack young is now shepherding a resolution in support of a special session. the doomsday scenario cuts $10 moving in grants out of the police department's budget. that is the baltimore city loses $60 million in state aid for schools. >> these decisions which the legislature failed to make trickle-down. very hard on our communities. >> house speaker michael bush met with his leadership team last friday. they support the compromise reached by budget conferees. senate president mike miller once the figure lower to 75,000.
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now is not the time. political brinksmanship is being played out in this state. >> those who favor cuts over tax increases are making just as much noise. americans for prosperity are circulating an on-line petition against the special session. meanwhile, the governor still waiting for the presiding officers to agree on a planned trip next these guys have been arguing with one another since january. they are tired, frustrated, angry. and they are not completely responsible for their own behavior. >> state house presiding officers previously agreed that a special session should be called by mid-may. that way local jurisdictions have time to balance the books. all of a special session may once again overshadowed accomplishment made during the
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regular session. >> we have breaking news right now in parkville. let's go to captain roy taylor in skyteam 11. >> we are here in parkville. a car crashed down a ravine. someone has been placed in a medical units. the road has been shut down while we deal with this accident. >> the fallout continues tonight after a recent controversial ruling about pitbull by the maryland court of appeals. it states that the owner of pitbull are liable for damages if their dog attack someone because the breed is now ruled inherently dangerous. it has caused quite an uproar. lisa robinson joins us with reaction from the family of the
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boys attacked years ago. >> dominate was a fifth grader at the time. his father says he feels good about the court decision. it is something he was pushing for. >> i am absolutely elated, because it puts the responsibility on the owner. >> he is talking about a ruling made last week by the court of appeals. the decision clears the way for the lawsuit against the owner of pitbull that attacked his son dominic to move forward. in filing a claim, a person does not have to prove the dog had a history of being dangerous. >> my goal was to do something that will allow everyone the best of both sides. for us, it would allow folks to have recourse. >> he says dominic was 10 years
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old at the time of the attack. he had gone into towson alley to help a friend who was being attacked by the pitbull, which ended up coming after all three of them. two of them escape, but the dog got hold of dominic. >> it conjured his femoral artery. -- punctured his femoral artery. >> doctors at johns hopkins were able to save his life after a five-hour surgery back in 2007. now 15, dominique is back to playing football and being a regular kid. but he has terrible scars as a reminder of the attack, and the loss of feeling in his legs spirit the high court decision does not ban pit bulls. makes the owners financially responsible for the injuries it causes. lisa robinson, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> there are many oppositions to this. >> it is the final moving day for patients at johns hopkins hospital. hundreds are getting acquainted with the new tower. lowell melser joins us live at the hospital with more on this story. >> we are now in the second day of this tuesday move. yesterday they moved in about 200 pediatric patients. as we speak there are tackling the daunting task of moving about 350 adult patients. it seems like it might be difficult, but from all the staff members we saw working hard today, it did not seem like it was that hard. the second moving day, monday, at johns hopkins hospital as staff members go through the tough task of moving more than 350 patients from the old building to the new state of the
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art tower. >> sunni that the building was moving and i knew that i would probably be giving birth in the new building. >> patients like melissa, who has been at hopkins for about two weeks now dealing with a prenatal issue. she told us she is excited about her new digs, which includes a much nicer view. >> for us it is exciting because it is something new, a change of scenery. something to look forward to. >> sunday, staff member for busy moving more than 200 pediatric patients to the new charlotte bloomberg children's center. >> i am just, like, really excited. >> whole logistical layout was followed closely by hopkins staffers in this command center, and will to keep a close eye on who was going where, communicating with nurses on
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various floors, orchestrated down to the minutes. -- down to the minute. >> there is a team transferring and a team receiving. very, very smooth. >> for those keeping score, the last baby born in the old facility happened at around 10:45 this morning. a little baby boy named cruz. the building will be open to the public tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. >> details of a rate cut for bge customers. >> we uncovered some concerns about the new smart meter program. >> there are some showers and thunderstorms on hd doppler. that is part of our forecast as
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>> some good news for bge customers thanks to a competitive bidding process. the bills could decrease a little bit. customers will save an estimated $54 a year, on the heels of a onetime $100 credit this month. the decrease is result of bidding that happens twice a year. in may, bge starts replacing more than 1 million electric and gas meters. >> some people are little leery
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of the new technology and worry that could make them sick. mindy explains. >> in may, bge starts replacing over 1 million electric meters with so-called smart meters. >> she suffers from electromagnetic sensitivity. she believes radio frequencies make her sick. >> at my work, i was so sensitive a could not touch things with electricity. i could not watch tv because the radiation from the screen would make me dizzy. >> she said she was plagued by headaches, fatigue, and earaches. one expert tells us electromagnetic sensitivity is real. another expert disagrees. there has been a debate over the issue. >> find out if there is anything
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you can do if you do not want a smart leader in your home. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> >> nine straight days with temperatures below normal. it will go in the books a little warmer than normal, 15 consecutive months the temperatures have been more than normal at bwi marshall airport. 47 for the morning low, right on target, afternoon temperatures were not as warm as you would expect for the last day of the month. the pollen count continues in the high range. temperatures in the low 60's, that is about as warm as it has been all day. 62 down at columbia, 61 at westminster. look how warm it is out west.
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there are few scattered showers and some strong thunderstorms moving through the ohio valley. storms popping up to the south and west. these are developing along the waterfront that will be lifting no. tonight, then a weak cold front coming through the ohio valley triggering another batch of showers and storms. we are not expecting a bunch of rank, but some scattered showers and maybe some thunder overnight into morning. winds will shift to the southwest tonight. the orange shaded area from pittsburg to columbus ohio, over toward cincinnati, upper 7's and low 80's. once this front gets passed us, the shower threat will end in the morning. the trailing cold front will come by around lunchtime and that will show our cup -- that will trigger couple of showers and storms. another system to the north and west arrives later in the week.
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this approach it will keep the temperatures up. an early shower, and partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. wednesday the shower threat is mostly in the mountains. we'll have some clouds here, live a cooler. 79-84 degrees tomorrow. the breeze on the bay about 10 knots with waves around 1 foot. forecast, low 80's tomorrow, a couple of degrees cooler on wednesday, then back into the 80's for thursday, friday, and saturday. maybe a couple thunderstorms saturday evening. >> from the susquehanna banks sports center, this is 11 sports. >> a couple of days for the terps basketball team. maryland had suspended the carroll stoagland.
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he was suspended for violating the student athlete code of conduct. officials would not give details of the violation of but billings of suspension indicates a possibly serious issue. coming off one of the most dramatic winds of the year, the orioles now heading to their biggest litmus test of this young season. people are wearing oriole hats around town again today. we have not seen that in a while. now comes a chance for them to prove up for they have come this year. tonight they begin 15 games against some of the best teams in the american league. they will pay the yankees, boston, texas, tampa bay, and the yankees again. each of those teams have 90 or more wins last season. last year, the orioles did not have a winning record against
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any of those four teams. we will know a lot more about this year's orioles team to play five weeks from now. individual awards, its bid to the quality of the greyhound seasons of 4. the midfielder takes comfort in the defensive player of the year award. jay-z has made millions in fashion merchandising and design. he designed the ad ran new look for it the team and it was revealed today. decidedly understated, black and white and very simple design.
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his next round of handiwork comes in the fall when he releases the team's new uniforms. uniforms. stick around for the forecast at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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>> controversy over american rule concerning pitbull, stating that the owners are liable for damages if their dog attack someone. beside the owners, who else will be impacted by the change?
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>> here comes the month of may and a warming trend. a couple of thunderstorms tomorrow morning, 80 degrees and koehler wednesday, and a little warmer, thursday, friday, and saturday. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. ♪
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